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Use gpg-agent for svn password caching
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Fetch own commits for last X days


svn log 

TLDR: Here’s how to fetch the commits you yourself did for the last X days. The example does it for last two weeks:

svn log -v -r {$(date --date="14 day ago" +%Y-%m-%d)}:HEAD --search <user-name>

Explanation: In addition to just using revision numbers svn log -r supports dates and keywords also. Date syntax is pretty easy, just put the date with reverse date format (see ISO 8601) into curly braces for the start and/or end point and there you go.

Mixed notations are supported also btw.

What I wanted to achieve here was not having to enter the start date every single time, so I was using date to calculate the start date on the fly.

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Use gpg-agent for svn password caching
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