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Switch to console tty on Fedora


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tl;dr Use ALT + CTRL + F3 to switch to console tty3, switch back to recent wm session with ALT + CTRL + F2

This is just a quick note on how to switch to command line tty on Fedora Linux. This was tested on Fedora 31.

Today my system seemed frozen, so I wanted to switch to console tty, but none of the shortcuts seemed to work anymore. I used ALT+CTRL+F2 at first, that was what I remembered I had used before on other window systems.

In hindsight I guess it just was a combination of impatience and the system not reacting directly that nearly made me perform a hard switch off. So, to avoid this again, when using Fedora 31 with Gnome and Wayland, use the following:

Shortcut Action observed
ALT + CTRL + F3 … ALT + CTRL + F6 Switch to console TTY3 .. TTY6
ALT + CTRL + F2 Switch to current window manager session
ALT + CTRL + F1 Switch to login screen / create new session (?)

Note: have patience, i.e. wait a couple of seconds, the system might not react directly if a process hammers it.

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